TA on IR – seeking fair and just arrangements

To continue on the theme of industrial relations as discussed below, let me bring this in from the AFR today (p 12). Tony Abbott intends to rein in penalty rates using the existing IR system. These are actual quotes from Abbott with the bit in bold the statement highlighted by the AFR:

Governments of all persuasions have brought submissions to the Fair Work Commission.

The important thing is that these things will always be decided by the independent umpire.

The Fair Work Commission that this government established and this government staffed will be the independent umpire which decides all these things under an incoming Coaltion government.

I accept that businesses are under pressure and I would like businesses and their workers to come to the kind of fair and just arrangments that will maximise employment and maximise pay.

Music to my ears. This is how it needs to be done by a Coalition government. And BTW if you haven’t listened to Alan Jones in the post below you really should.

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