Bolta v KRudd

Kevin Rudd will be on The Bolt Report on Sunday at 10:00 am. Not to be missed, as usual, but even more so this time. Obviously Rudd has a strategy of his own and it is certainly not to win over those of us who typically start our Sundays this way. He instead wants to show his own version of courage by going where no Labor Prime Minister has gone before.

Andrew has been mulling over what to do and how to approach this moment. Not easy to deal with since Kevin will be hard to interrupt and will have a message to get across which he will rush on and deliver in spite of everything.

My own view for what it’s worth is that the approach is to start with the simple observation that so much of what Rudd is now doing is to fix what he himself was responsible for breaking during his time as PM or while in the cabinet as foreign minister – illegal migrants and the carbon tax being the most noteworthy but there are plenty of others – and then to ask why we should ever trust his judgment on anything since there are sure to be many new problems that come up. Rudd has virtually no runs on the board on all the major decisions he’s made. Why should it be different if we give him another three years since he, unlike the previous Coaltion government, never seems to get anything right the first time assuming he even gets it right the second time.

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