The man with no pluses is now PM for the second time

I have no time for either Gillard or Rudd. Both are nasty pieces of work with no serious ideas about how to make Australia a better place. Both think that their own shallow ideas are a match for individuals running their own lives in their own way with governments doing little more than setting the required political structures in place. Welfare and assistance, sure, which every government of every persuasion has done, but never to replace either the individual will or to remove the need for those individuals to act on their own behalf.

Yesterday I came home just in time to catch the 10:30 news and I immediately switched off at the first sighting of Rudd not more than five sentences into whatever he was saying. Gillard was incompetent and clueless. All of her instincts were the deepest red. She had no solutions that did not involve giving power and money to her friends and depriving those she classed as her enemies of the means for their own support. She clearly cannot bear people who run our businesses. And yet I found her resilience admirable. The cover of the Women’s Weekly merely shows that had things been different she could have been Australia’s Margaret Thatcher instead of being a federal version of Joan Kirner.

But Rudd has no pluses. There is no part of him that I would describe as admirable. The phrase low cunning doesn’t work because he has no cunning. He has a personality that shows positive in the media but I think this time we will see through him and very quickly. He has risen in the polls to 49 against Abbott’s 51 but I imagine that will be a high water mark. The Libs will pull him back but he will pull himself back even more.

Democracy does remain the worst form of government except for all the others that are tried from time to time. But Rudd along with Obama reminds you of just how bad democracy can be.

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