The corrupt practices of the American media are even worse than the IRS

The first law of media is that everyone on the left must be protected at all times and to the greatest extent. There is therefore nothing that Obama can do – not a single thing – that will put the mainstream of the American media offside. The IRS scandal goes direct to the White House. The previous Commissioner of Taxation of the United States, Doug Shulman, visited the White House 118 times. Got a good reason for that. He doesn’t nor can there be.

But if they are going to run the protection ring they require, the media need a story that will work, cover enough of the facts on the ground and protect their president from being implicated in this sordid story of political criminality and worse. So here is how it will unfold in the news as orchestrated by the White House, or it will if they are allowed to carry the narrative. From the PJ Media Tatler.

It’s also an indication of just how worried the White House is, and how it intends to contain the scandal. First, get reliably friendly bloggers and columnists on board with a story that focuses attention away from the White House. Then, isolate and target someone who has already become a central figure in the scandal and, more importantly, who does not work directly for the White House. Finally, make it appear as if these reliably friendly bloggers actually take the IRS scandal seriously, so they become voices in the larger media advocating for a strong response — just strong enough to look decisive, while keeping the White House outside the main storyline.

We shall see.

Update from a former presidential adviser: A different president obviously and this is how things really work and why the stories being told by Obama and his enablers are a complete fabrication. The most interesting part of what he wrote:

My personal favorite of all the new revelations from the Obama IRS scandal is that White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler told White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough about the impending IRS inspector general report, but of course the White House chief of staff did not tell the president.

I sat in a White House chief of staff’s office every day for more than two years. The only reason the legal counsel would tell the chief of staff about an impending report or disclosure would be so the chief of staff could tell the president. The legal counsel would assume the chief of staff would know how and when to bring up the matter. The chief of staff would be expected to know if there were additional factors surrounding the issue that needed to be considered before the president was told, or whether or not others needed to be included in the conversation when the information was shared with the president. There are many valid reasons why the chief of staff would tell the president, but I can’t think of a reason why he and the legal counsel would both agree that this news nugget would go no further. It’s very odd.

The legal counsel would never assume that information shared with the chief of staff would not go to the president. In my experience, a legal counsel never would believe that there was information that was appropriate for the chief of staff to know but that was inappropriate for the president to know. Out of all the news that has emerged regarding the Obama IRS scandal, this is the most curious whopper I’ve heard so far. I can’t wait to hear the real story.

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