I think we’ll stay home instead

We thought we might go off to the movies but the only two not directed towards the teenagers market we haven’t seen were this

which was a definte No or this

which made me think we should keep our own company instead.

The politicisation of the film industry is nothing new, of course, but if Chileans believe they would have been better off with their own version of Fidel Castro they have no idea which side their butter is breaded on. And as for making heros of the Weathermen (and women), murderous psychopaths every one, I only wish we could isolate the kinds of people who go in for this sort of stuff and have them live their lives in the kinds of places that Bill Ayres or Salvador Allende would have made for them while leaving the rest of us alone. For our own self preservation we save their worthless hides from their own stupidity, or at least we have up until now. I just fear that the rush of leftist ideas has now so overwhelmed us that there may be no going back but we shall see.

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