Simon Crean is not the defacto leader of the opposition

It does get me down to listen to this new proto-Labor meme how Simon Crean is now the defacto leader of the opposition. Simon Crean was one of the architects of the Superannuation Guarantee and so finally drew a line in the sand over this one issue. It may well be true that he cannot stand Julia Gillard but so what. He still votes with her in every Parliamentary division and how he would act if she and the ALP were ahead in the polls you may be sure would be an entirely different matter. As a “leader” of anything he is a washout. His aim in this instance was to save Gillard from a monster level political error that would have dragged Labor even more deeply into the mud. The result on superannuation is an outcome that Labor can take to the election. Had Gillard and Swan’s original intentions been fulfilled, even the densest of Labor supporters would have seen (however dimly) the problems it would have caused (and is still causing) and a few more of them might have drifted away. Instead, disaster averted, they live on to fight another day.

And for Crean, Kelty and Ferguson to go on about Gillard indulging in class war is so ludicrous that it is pathetic that anyone pays the slightest attention to it. Does no one remember the past farther back than the day before yesterday? These are class warriors from the most ancient of days. Unless there has been some kind of conversion, these three former leaders of the ACTU have no love for business other than as a recognised means to wring more money from. It is “the workers”, and only “the workers”, they have ever shown the slightest interest in, however much most of the things they have done make the life of most workers worse than if they had just done nothing at all.

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