ALP 41 – Libs 59

morgan poll 130404

Could it be? I hardly know anyone who votes Lib but then I work at a university and many of my friends are upper middle class. We are still, however, what we are and not quite over the edge. Let it be just like this unless it tilts this way even more.

What does depress me, however, is how quickly the gap does close after widening to what ought to be an unbridgeable chasm. And if the chart is anything to go by, a cut in interest rates is all it takes. So I will be happier when it happens and she and they are gone for good (or for at least six years and maybe nine).

And this should be the message. The Australian community is not an ALP slush fund. But the only way to drive this home is to drive them from office with the must crushing defeat in Commonwealth history.

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