A stunningly selfish woman beyond comprehension

I tend to think of socialists as the meanest people I ever meet. It seems to be almost the defining characteristic, an uncharitableness that goes right to the bone. They make up for their personal lack of altruism by a feigned show of concern through various aims at redistribution which typically means taking from the productive to give to those who are not quite as good at earning an income as those with more money. Their middleman’s fees are usually quite a rewarding experience as well.

But Julia Gillard is in a class of her own. There is such a morbid inability to see anyone else’s needs or desires other than her own worthy of consideration that it is almost impossible to believe just how selfish she is. Given the havoc she creates around her, the absence of any evidence of even a touch of self-reflection is unique. She is a monster of self regard and self conceit, never feeling those self doubts that anyone in her shoes might feel. She has ploughed through any and all obstacles on her way to whatever she has wanted without a moment of remorse at any single moment.

She and Obama have a similar mentality. Far far left, the incalculable damage they cause merely a necessity on the road to the better world they will create. I think both are rather dull to normal so far as their level of intelligence may go but are as brazen and willing to lie to any extent necessary to have their way. Destructive but never in retreat.

That two such personalities should rise to the top of the political tree in both countries at the same time requires an explanation. And the best I can come up with is the absence of any seriously strident media criticism. Neither ever receives anything other than a momentary rebuke and never more than the absolute minimum and never sustained.

The kind of ear splitting on-going never-ceasing banshee wailing of the media in attacking anything done by someone on the right that can in any way be portrayed as tainted and less than perfect drives the political atmospherics in just about every democratic community where the remains of a free press makes it almost impossible for right of centre parties to thrive. In Australia, it is only Gillard’s complete incompetence that may in the end make the difference since the media will have to at least acknowledge some of it and the community can see it everywhere they turn even though it is not validated through the commentary in the press.

But at the core of it is a woman whose self-regard is so total that it is hard to imagine her ever owning up to a failing of any kind in any circumstance. Shameless and selfish to an extraordinary degree.

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