My 300th post

It is quite extraordinary that I am now putting up my 300th post since September 23rd. Not that anyone reads it nor have I made much of an effort to get anyone to read it. But I have sent links to a few people and on good days there may be as many as a dozen people who have looked in. So I should mention a couple of things about this website in case you are one of those who have stumbled across this by accident.

I am doing this just for fun and so what will never happen is that I will allow comments. There may be ways round that but whenever I have been asked to approve a comment I have rejected whatever it was. I read them and I appreciate them but I am not going to have to patrol this website for negativity. I get enough of it elsewhere that I can do without it here.

This is also written as a kind of scrapbook so that I can locate things again. I see things on the net or elsewhere so I write them up and there they are preserved if I want to go back to them. I have been able to use these in writing a couple of published articles so it has come in handy.

But thus far I have only a single reliable reader who comes back to see what I have said – hi again, Joshi – so it makes me happy just to know I am in touch with him. But if anyone else finds this worth a moment of their time, I am very glad for that as well.

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