Post 250

We have just come back from twelve days in New Zealand where I went to shield myself from my birthday. Enjoyed the whole time especially Rotorua with the hot springs, mud baths and volcanic geology amazing. Wellington is what Canberra ought to have been had they not decided to indulge themselves in the potential of the automobile, as it was considered to be in 1913. Had they had today’s sensibilities to the internal combustion engine, they would have left out roads altogether and built everything along tram tracks and railway lines. Canberra has its features but Wellington is a more interesting place to be. Anyway, birthday over, it is now time to get back to work which in New Zealand consisted of interviewing half a dozen people about my Handbook on the Free Market Economy. It will be a fantastic book if I can pull it off but it will not be easy and will require an incredible amount of co-operation. But New Zealand – with its Fencing Wire Number 8 mentality – was the place to begin this research.

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