“Love today has become a power struggle”

This is apparently news:

Here’s what we know: Females, in general, are nurturing and relational beings. They like to gather and nest and take care of people. They like to commiserate with other females – a lot. That’s why girls can talk for hours on end. It’s why more women stay home with their children than men. It’s why the teaching and caregiving professions are still heavily female. Not every single woman in the world falls into this category, but that doesn’t make the generalization any less true.

Males, on the other hand – in general – are loners. They’re content to mill about in their man caves. They like to hunt. They like to build things and kill things. If you don’t have a son, this may sound strange. But again, that doesn’t make it untrue – nor does the fact that not every single man in the world is like this. Men also take pride in caring for their families. They can’t carry babies or nurse them, but they can provide for them. So let them.

From an article by Susan Venker in a follow up to an earlier post on The War on Men which dealt with why men were retreating from marriage. I discussed that article here. In the present article, Venker gets to the heart of the matter in ways, that if true, would make anyone thinking of marriage run for the hills:

Love today has become a power struggle, largely because women have been conditioned to keep their guard up – as though men and marriage will swallow them whole. As Sandra Bullock once said to Barbara Walters, ‘I’d always had this feeling that if you got married, it was like the end of who you were.’ That attitude is commonplace, and it’s the direct result of a generation of feminists who told their daughters never to depend on a man. . . .

Surrendering to your femininity means to put down your sword. It’s okay if your guy’s in charge. It’s okay if you don’t drive the car.

In fact, it’s rather liberating.

She has written a book, How to Choose a Husband and Make Peace with Marriage, the research for which has driven the conclusions. But it’s the culture and this is how it is and will be for a long long time whatever common sense anyone tries to intrude into the argument.

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