Martian men, Venusian women

From the first moment I saw the title, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, the very idea of feminism as I understood it died. The only feminism that actually made sense, if you wanted to argue that there ought to be no reason for a woman to be seen as anything other than exactly comparable to a man, is to say that all differences are due to socialisation and none to genetics. But if men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then there are differences in the DNA that might well end up reflected in social outcomes. Quoting stats about different outcomes for men and women would only demonstrate the nature of the world, not some inbred discrimination.

All this by way of a lead in to a fascinating piece of transcript from Rush Limbaugh which he titles, “‘War on Men’ Column Causes Stir, Illustrates the Left-Wing Stuff We Laugh About But Lots of People Believe”. We used to laugh at these leftist idiocies, he points out, but as he looks at the opinions of the young, their views match these very delusions. What has touched off these reflections are Susan Venker’s piece on “The War on Men”. This is Limbaugh talking.

I was of the opinion that no rational majority of people is ever gonna subscribe to this radical feminism. For example, portraying men as natural predators. All sex is rape. Remember Catharine MacKinnon, all sex is rape, even the sex in marriage. And she was a professor of something at the University of Michigan. She was teaching this stuff and I remember do feminazi updates about it, laughing, ‘Okay, there’s always gonna be some small group of unhappy people.’

No, it’s not a small group. It has become reality for a whole lot of women. That and a lot of other things. The man, as a natural predator, had to be shielded, the children had to be protected from him. At the slightest raising of his voice, they called child protective service and said, “Come over to the house.” Maybe take the kids away if the husband was out of whack, and being out of whack didn’t take much other than raising your voice. All these things. I mean, I can’t remember, but some of them were just ridiculous. But they’ve become mainstreamed, and it’s not just with feminism. It’s a lot of other liberalism. The same kind of thing with environmentalism. The whole hoax of global warming.

However it has happened, the world is now filled with such ignorant and arrogant beliefs about just what ain’t so which has affected the politics of the West. Do people like Obama or Gillard believe these things too? It’s all possible, but there are plenty of those in the younger demographics who with certainty do, and many of these have been university educated.

And that’s why you get ads run by Obama on Julia. She’s single her whole life. And it’s why it works. We laughed at the Julia ad. That ad worked. The War on Women, this whole business of giving away contraceptives, we’re laughing at it. It worked. I don’t know on a majority, but it worked. There were actually enough women in this country who were made to believe that Mitt Romney was gonna take their birth control pills away from ’em, not let them have them. And then after they got pregnant he was gonna make them not have an abortion. They believe it. They’ve been told it. They’ve been educated this way.

I often wonder about what it was that I was taught that wasn’t so and has turned out that way. Nothing at all comes to mind. Scientific opinion does shift and new ideas become predominate. And the metaphysical will always be metaphysical. But something as obviously untrue as global warming does not exist in anything I was taught that I can think of. A non-reality-based political culture cannot survive. We are heading for the rocks.

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