The poll position in Israel

The BBC has done some polling around the world and it seems that Obama is the one everywhere with France leading in this wall of shame and Australia close behind. Obama has an incredible 68-7 lead amongst Australians.

But as I speculated at the time, were the same survey run in Israel, the results would be entirely different and so it has turned out, although the survey was not done by the BBC who did not want to spoil their statistics with this one very significant outlier. A survey reported in the Jerusalem Post has the Jewish population favouring Romney by 57.2% to 21.5% a ratio of near 3:1. A very unsurprising result. If anything it is surprising that a fifth of the Jewish population of Israel would support Obama.

But what may be the most interesting part about this survey is to find that the Arab population, while supporting Obama, is far less enthusiastic than the French and Australians. Amongst the Arab population, Romney picks up 15% of the vote to our 7% and Obama receives only 45% to our 67%.

You can read a more complete discussion of these statistics and pick up the link to the Jerusalem Post in an article I have just done for Quadrant Online.

This just in: “Obama dominates Romney in Russian opinion poll”

In a nationwide poll that tracked Russians’ political attitudes, a whopping 41 per cent of respondents said they want to see President Obama voted back into the White House, while just 8 per cent expressed preference for Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Still, there are more in Australia than in Russia who support Obama. This election really is a Rorscharch test of political beliefs.

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