If you don’t want to vote for Romney any excuse will do

So Samuel J prefers Obama to Romney, not news. He must be hanging out with too many of these American foreign service types he has been associating with. As he noted in the comments on a previous thread:

Most of the US foreign service strongly support Obama – they have been spreading horror stories about a likely Romney administration.

That’s extraordinary if true. And if that’s the case, there will need to be a wholesale cleanout of the lot. Washington house prices hopefully are about to fall to levels similar to prices in Detroit. But if we are talking about protectionism as the great bogey of a Romney administration, let me guide you to Romney’s No Apology.

The only successful way to overcome foreign advantage, however, is to create an advantage of your own – to innovate. And if you conclude that your competitor’s advantage is permanent and insurmoutable, the best course is to choose new paths and new products. Over the centuries, the siren songs of protectionism and isolationism have taken down some very impressive empires. (paperback edition: page 55)

Translation: Romney is opposed to protectionism. I might also mention the paragraph that follows since it also provides some insight into a Romney administration:

Some of these failed powers were weakened as well by wealth and spending that exceeded their own production – in other words, by easy money. The spoils of Ottoman pillage, the gold the Spanish stole from the Americas, and the tribute the Portuguese exacted from trade – all allowed each of these nations to live well in excess of their productivity. In the same way that inherited wealth can lead descendents to profligate spending and economic ruin, easy money weakened these nations’s willingness to work and invest.

I work under the assumption that most of those who visit this site – and write on this blog – want Romney to win and Obama to lose. I have no reason to think this is untrue but I should also recognise that it is not universally so. Romney is no protectionist, but if you are determined to find some reason not to vote for him that will do as well as anything else.

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