Tim Groseclose on media bias

I have an article at Quadrant Online dealing with the media bias in the US. It brings together first Tim Groseclose’s video providing the evidence of media bias along with the Democrat, Pat Caddell, arguing that the bias now being shown is putting democracy itself in danger. The notion of a relatively objective press is in many ways a recent innovation and has become one that we have become used to. We are now instead in the process of getting used to the idea that the media is a grouper for the left and will lie and distort to whatever extent is necessary to get their people into office. Given how obvious that all is, they will not hold that position for long. The question of the moment is whether they can hold it long enough to sneak Obama back over the line in spite of his manifest and manifold failures.

The video of Tim Groseclose below (which I also cited in an earlier post) provides a short summary of the points he raised in his book, Left Turn: How Liberal Media Distorts the American Mind, which I reviewed for Quadrant last year.

What good it is to know all this I am not entirely sure, since it is now pretty obvious that the media is bothered not at all by being exposed by those on the right so long as it gets to pour its message into the broader public consciousness? There is always the hope that we can shame the media into better behaviour but since they don’t appear even to notice their own bias themselves that may not work. But if everyone on our side at least knows the score about the media, then that will be a start.

You may nevertheless find this noteworthy. As shown in the video and Tim’s book, if you are a typical Quadrant or Catallaxy reader of the non-troll variety you may be interested to learn from Groseclose that, were it not for the media bias, the overall view of the average voter would be similar to your own. Think how different politics would be then.

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