More on media bias as if we didn’t already know

That the media is biased to the left is obvious without much need of proof. Nevertheless, if you are interested not just in the evidence but also in a measure of the tilt, Tim Groseclose provided it in his exceptionally interesting analysis of media bias published in 2011. I discussed his Left Turn: How Liberal Media Distorts the American Mind in a Quadrant review last year but he has now added a video presentation to highlight what is shown in more detail in the book. What good it is to know all this is a genuine question since it is now pretty obvious that the media cares not at all that it is exposed by those of us on the right so long as it gets to pour its message out into the public. But if you are a typical Quadrant reader, for example, it ought to be interest you to discover that were it not for the media bias that surrounds us all, the view of the average voter would be similar to your own.

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