Is the media in the process of discrediting itself?

The media as arbiter may well be disappearing right before our eyes. It is now, I think, becoming so well understood that what is said in most of the the press or on most of the electronic media is nothing other than attempts by those who write and present the stories to continue the narrative of left-of-centre parties. It is not a universal, but the discount factor is getting larger the more obvious the distortions and lies have become. We on the right have known this for a long long time. That independents are catching on may be the big change now going on.

The evidence is tentative but there has now been the absolute necessity for Obama to walk back his attempt to lay blame for the embassy attacks on some obscure youtube video that no one had ever seen. No matter how much the media attempted to tell the administration story, the evidence that these were barefaced lies only meant that the more the media tried to support Obama, the more it was the media who were seen as liars themselves and the less willing many more than before have become to take the media’s word for anything.

And now with Romney’s 47% moment that was unanimously described across the media as the end of the Romney campaign, there has been an uprising on the right side of politics to argue that we here do not accept the media’s verdict and that the only problem with what Romney said was that he doesn’t say it often enough.

If at some stage media criticism simply no longer contains the sting it once had, which has for so long been a poison for the Republican side of the debate, you may begin to hear Romney say in public the kinds of things he has up until now saved for behind closed doors. If we get to the point where the views and reports of the The New York Times, Washington Post, ABCBSNBC and the rest are largely ignored and Romney is able to speak above their heads we will be in a kind of world in which more conservative views are sought while the leftist media are recognised as the shills they are for a discredited administration whose time is up. The media, because it has become so extreme, may be taking itself out of the game.

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