Obama, his mentors and the media

I have a long article at Quadrant Online dealing with the two hidden aspects of the American election I think are not given their due: the corrupt role of the media and Obama’s far left mentors. These are the opening paras:

The American election will be one for the ages. At the very centre is the question, does Barack Obama truly represent the mainstream of the American ethos and its core beliefs as they now are, here at the start of the twenty-first century? The election will not just be about Obama’s policies themselves, bad as they certainly would be, nor will it be about the almost impossibility of reversing the course that will have been taken if Obama is re-elected, which will indeed be nigh on irreversible.

No, the election will be about whether the United States is any longer the country it once was, a country of free markets and a free people. A United States that can elect Barack Obama once is on the edge of a precipice. To elect him for the second time knowing everything we now know from his first four years as president means the US has gone over the edge.

The march through the institutions that began in the 1960s will have been finally completed. The ethos of an America that will not only be free itself but ensure whatever is necessary to maintain freedom in as much of the world as can be retrieved will have gone. We, in our till now free societies, will be largely on our own with no major power to shield us from totalitarian winds of every kind and gusting from all directions.

Barack Obama is a socialist of the most radical leftist kind. His mentors, just to name the three most prominent, were Frank Marshall, Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers. That the vast majority of the population has no idea who these people are, or the role they played in Obama’s life, is in turn a consequence of the deep leftward turn of the American media forging ahead in step with the social sciences division of the major educational institutions of the United States. The commanding heights of the intellectual world have been taken over by the left and they have created an environment all but impossible to break through. It is only common sense in combination with the disastrous outcomes that leftist policies inevitably lead to that creates the hope that trends now in place can be turned round and reversed. The institutional structure of the United States permits change driven from below if it becomes widely understood that change is necessary. That is the story of this election. Will the American people see the danger in time or will they continue in the direction of the likely ruin that a second Obama administration would bring?

You can read the whole thing here.

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