Anyone who supports a public works program because it will create jobs knows nothing about how an economy works

There is this grand distinction between an individual borrower and a borrowing government, that, in general, the former borrows capital for the purpose of beneficial employment, the latter for the purpose of barren consumption and expenditure.— J. B. Say

If there is anything that exposes both economists and politicians as economic frauds it is where they argue that public sector spending creates jobs. This is the great Keynesian lie. Job creation programs have never on any occasion created an increase in jobs, not once, not ever. Anyone who thinks otherwise is as wrong as it is possible to be about how an economy works.

Keeping this in mind will prevent you from falling into the Keynesian trap which has infused the whole of mainstream economics. Keep an ear open for carriers of this disease since it is everywhere and on all sides of politics. No one any longer knows any better. Let me go through two recent publications, one a book I wrote, and the other an article by Per Bylund at the Mises Institute. First my own which is mostly, but not entirely a reprint of the first third of the book’s opening chapter. The book is Classical Economic Theory and the Modern Economy and the article at Quadrant is titled, What Classical Economists Knew that Modern Economists Do Not. The book is about a lot more than just what’s wrong with modern macro, but that is a substantial part of it.

The article at Quadrant is taken from the opening chapter of the book where I try to explain why anyone should pay attention to what I have written since it really is odd to be arguing that the whole of economic theory is utterly wrong, but that is what I have done. I describe how I came upon John Stuart Mill and the economics the mid-nineteenth century England, how I discovered “Say’s Lw”for myself, how because of the work I was doing at the time how I had instantly understood the point Mill and his contemporaries had been making, and how thereafter, in every test of the classics versus the moderns, that classical economics would unfailing forecast what would happen.

Why anyone should believe that public spending at the direction of political leaders will automatically create value and growth is one of those things that has entered into how economics is taught. The more you think about it, the more incredible the idea ought to be, but onwards it goes. Here again, as inane as Keynesian theory is, the science has long been settled. I only recommend the article and the book if you would like to see the antidote to the economics version of global warming. Keynesian theory is a scam and a hoax, but trillions of dollars are made through the application of Keynesian policies because everyone believes it. If you read what I wrote, you will merely have the satisfaction of understanding how you are being defrauded by governments. Nothing can ever be done about, I suspect, but you will at least understand what is going on.

Per Bylund’s article at Mises is titled, More Spending Does Not Drive More Employment which is more direct but reaches the same conclusion. Here is what he is denying:

It is almost universally asserted today that consumer spending drives employment. This thesis gives support to the general Keynesian idea that government should “stimulate” the economy when it is suffering from a recession, whether it is through fiscal or monetary policy.

At the core, the idea is that if spending on goods and services goes up, then more people are needed in their production. And, as a consequence, more people are able to get jobs, earn a wage, and thus buy goods and services. In other words, it doesn’t matter if government wastefully increases spending — even if it is borrowed money — because the economic wheels start turning and as growth picks up we’ll be able to deal with debt, deficits, and so on.

He absolutely gets the point. Read his entire article. Again, the value is merely to understand the world in which you live. Nothing can be done, but there is some satisfaction in understanding what is being done. Not necessarily a lot of satisfaction, but at least some.

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