They may be wrong but at least they’re consistent

Labor industrial relations spokesman Tony Burke said it was “now well established that penalty rate cuts have not created new jobs”. “Continuing with this flawed strategy is the last thing we need right now; we don’t need more cuts, we need people spending to lift Australia out of recession,” he said.

That’s from The Oz. The amount of economic damage these Keynesian clowns have caused is astounding. And as social diseases go, this seems to be the most difficult to eradicate. Toxic stupidity. And I will say it again and invite anyone to show any instance where this has turned out to be wrong: No Keynesian stimulus has ever led to a fall in unemployment and an increase in economic growth.

I mention it only because the nonsensical belief that spending leads to higher levels of production – when it is higher levels of production which lead to higher spending – is just routine anti-capitalist, anti-free market rhetoric without a scrap of evidence to support it.

Might add this while I’m here since Dangerous Dan Andrews is amongst the worst of them. In this case its its this: Coronavirus: Black Lives Matter protest kills off commonsense.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews (left) and Black Lives Matter protesters gather in Melbourne on Saturday. Pictures: File

The Black Lives Matter marches in Melbourne and everywhere else signalled the death of commonsense in Australia.

No social distancing, an infectious demographic and deep-seated carelessness have combined to produce the obvious.

Actually, it’s about the only good thing Andrews has done since it will bring the lockdown to an earlier end than might otherwise have happened.

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