Even a bunch of spaced out zombies can outperform the government

You knew that already, but here’s some more evidence: The Ontario government lost $42M selling cannabis in the last year.

Ontario Cannabis Retail Corp. lost $42 million in the latest fiscal year, according to newly released public documents.

The provincial Crown corporation tasked with online sales and wholesale distribution of recreational pot reported revenues of $64 million for the year ended March 31, 2019.

However, Ontario’s consolidated financial statements show the OCRC, which operates as the Ontario Cannabis Store, racked up expenses totalling $106 million during the period.

The comments section on this post is filled with the same: What We Call National Health Care or Single-Payer Is a Crime Against Humanity. Think of this:

Sure. Let me relate a small story, indicative of what happens when government gets into health care:

Half of my engineering career was in Biomedical Engineering. In about 1989, I was the designated engineer for a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at a top-ten teaching hospital.

My highest failure item was the fan motor for the infant incubators. I might go through a dozen in a week. Here’s the thing –

I could buy a replacement for that fan motor for $5 at Radio Shack. Except government and regulatory agencies mandated that I buy this product from an “authorized vendor.”

The cost of the motor from them? $225. That is forty-five times what it would’ve cost if I could have gone to Rac-Shack. Forty-five times the cost, for the exact same item.

So if you ever wonder just how you’re getting screwed by the healthcare system, well, there’s an example.

And now they want to manage the system that turns on the lights and heats our homes. Freezing in the dark is what comes next.

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