The illegitimate spawn of a relic from the Great Depression

From Judy yesterday: A Keynesian solution even Keynes would have tossed. A program Keynes came up with during the Great Depression when unemployment was 25% is still being applied by moron economists 80+ years later who are ruining our economies while rewarding their friends. Crony capitalism is the illegitimate spawn of a depression level theory, that was useless even back then. She begins:

I thought active demand management or fine-tuning the economy had gone out with the ark — or, to be more precise, in the 1970s. Stagflation — high rates of unemployment and inflation — put paid to that party trick.

Of course, the idea of central authorities or governments controlling the pace and nature of economic growth was preposterous. Mind you, you could understand the reasons for this naive belief, particularly among those affected by the hardships associated with the 30s Depression.

Now the only people who come out ahead are millionaire recipients of the money paid out for the various projects governments come up with. Judy again:

And let’s not forget the waste in so much government spending. Can anyone forget the fiasco of the pink batts scheme: four deaths, and hundreds of millions of dollars to remediate the problems? Or what about the school halls program where the cost of building the new structures was at least 20 per cent greater than the efficient price?

Value for money from government! The idea is as nonsensical as it gets.

I also liked this from David in the comments, of which everything he says is true:

I’m not expert but it is one of the great ironies of world economics to me that the 1980’s were spent identifying inflation as the enemy of the economy and taking all measures possible to lower it and now the world experts want inflation back and can’t get it. What is more when it was at its highest most governments quietly changed the method of measuring inflation so now we have the position where officialdom says inflation is low but we in the streets who go to buy anything know how prices have risen considerably if not dramatically in many areas. But they are doing so without increase in real production the secret to any good economy.

I will finish off with a bit more from Judy:

Then there are the many ill-­educated media commentators and finance sector “economists” who dismiss concerns about ongoing budget deficits and rising government debt. The government must take action, according to this tribe. Clearly, they never understood anything beyond Macroeconomics 101.

And for myself, it would make hardly any difference had they gone on to graduate school since almost everything now taught in an economics course is valueless bilge.

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