This is my 3000th post. Begun just for fun and to communicate with friends and family, there is now a surprisingly large number of people who wander in. It hasn’t changed what I do since this is still just for me to keep track of what’s what and to remember what’s been going on that has interested me.

But I will mention this, since it is now more likely to happen then not, specially since the contracts have been signed. My collected blog posts on the American election – which comes to 135,000 words – is going to be published in January. My provisional title is, A Blog History of the American Election: 2016. So far as I know, this will be near enough the first time a collection of blog posts has been turned into a published narrative. I have now read these over in order four times and they really do bring back each of the moments, since each moment was the most recent moment of the election process – and that is even assuming that the process has even yet come to an end. It therefore has the quality of suspense since until the voting was over, no one could say how it would end. What makes this one work so well is that I was at one of the very first Trump rallies in July 2015, heard him speak and watched the election first hoping that that he was worth backing, and then when I decided he was, that he would win.

I actually think that blogs will become the first draft of history. The media have so completely sold out to the left that it is impossible to get anything like an objective sense from them. I, of course, am also a partisan, but have no pretensions that I can and could affect the result so I just react to events without attempting to shape them. That is all the more the case since I have been watching the election from Australia so am remote from even the most limited ability to affect the outcome. The media’s aim is to get you to vote a certain way, and the only way they want to you vote is for the left. They are now a pernicious force that Donald Trump has gone some limited way towards containing, but their poison has hardly diminished. I will certainly let you know where you can get a copy when the book is published.

Meantime, this still remains a way to communicate with family. Hi Joshi.

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