I hope God grants you the strength to deal with whatever fate has in store

We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of our high school graduation in Toronto where not-quite-all of us will be meeting in September to party and reminisce. Quite extraordinary that with only a couple of exceptions I remember every single one of the possibly 140-150 members of my graduating class. I have also been reading the short biographies many of them have been putting up online, and even among the one who feel successful enough to describe their life stories there is a good deal of ups and downs. There are many divorces, and there are a number where their wives or husbands have passed away, which I feel even worse about, strangely, than about the list of the fifteen of my classmates who have themselves passed away, as shocking as each of these is. I am certainly the one who has ended up farthest away from Toronto – and it is amazing how many still live there or thereabouts. But with every zig in life there is a zag that comes soon enough with it. The only thing I can think of as my wish for others is that I hope God grants you the strength to deal with whatever fate has in store for you. I regret I am going to miss it, but with the distance Melbourne to Toronto recorded as 10,110 miles (which looks more like a binary number rather than base ten), it is not to be. But my thoughts will definitely be with them.

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