It is astonishing to find that this will be my 2500th post. It was mostly begun as a scrapbook and a chance to say things to the very small number of people who I would mention its existence to. Now I am amazed to find that others come round, since there are some things that are almost invisible elsewhere, two of which being economics from a classical John Stuart Mill perspective, and a political perspective that you can draw a line through from Margaret Thatcher to Ronald Reagan to Sarah Palin to Mitt Romney and now through to Donald Trump. I am a Gladstonian Liberal although what label to use in the modern world escapes me. But I know what repels me and I know who is on the other side of what I am against. These are difficult fights and I am always thrilled to find there is actually someone willing to take on these Herculean tasks.

But even with the larger number who visit, and whose comments I read but never allow to be published, this is still, as it began, a way to communicate with my son up in Sydney who, bless him, took on a new job just today. Another start-up. He loves the adventure of the private sector and the world of new and discovery. Hi Joshi. And, in fact, both my sons are entrenched in the private sector, with the older one having left a cushy public sector job because it lacked genuine grit and risk. I love and admire them both, so hi to Benji as well.

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