Going through the books program by program

Let’s suppose we had what we need: some form of balanced budget amendment. What would the Government then do? Labor left the hole in the revenue stream relative to the expenditures it chose. So this government is going to fix it if it can and subject to the detail, I’m all for it. From The Australian, Joe Hockey to swing axe on public sector:

MORE than 200 spending programs will be slashed in next week’s federal budget as Joe Hockey vows to shrink the size of government in a “big, structural change” to save billions of dollars.

Agencies will be closed and thousands of staff retrenched over the coming months in a drastic overhaul that will start with the loss of 3000 positions in the Treasurer’s own portfolio.

The axe will fall in major portfolios including environment, transport, industry, agriculture and indigenous affairs.

Mr Hockey told The Australian that spending cuts would do the “heavy lifting” in fixing the deficit, despite growing criticism of looming tax hikes including a lift in fuel excise.

“Revenue is not doing the heavy lifting in this budget,” Mr Hockey said.

The question will end up being whether there is a constituency for a government that lives within its means. Watching Anna “I’m a Socialist” Burke the other night on Q&A was too much of a reminder of the kinds of idiocy we are up against. Labor has not learned a thing from the problems it created. If anything, it is more proud of itself than ever for its waste and misdirection. What we are going to find out over the next few months, it seems, is whether there is or is not a constituency for a genuinely smaller, more efficient government. And since it is impossible to rid ourselves of the NBN and everyone is signed up for the NDIS, the rest is now a process of going through the books program by program. I only wish they did the politics better.

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