My 1000th post

Started on September 23, 2012 and today number 1000. Mostly unread with a few who seem to come regularly but still for my own indulgence. I had the largest number of hits ever on this site through a casual reference from Mark Steyn and the traffic went to five times the previous high and then over the course of the week fell back to normal. It reminded me that even if that were the number of people who came here regularly, it would still be mostly a private blog of no interest to anyone. Mostly for fun and while I do blow through an enormous number of hours doing this, it is still a labour of love. Most people who show up on this site have googled something and been referred to some earlier post of mine that I had forgotten all about so reading those again after a period of months, and now even sometimes from more than a year ago is quite pleasant and interesting. Anyway, hi Joshi. Still reading?

The youtube video above, by the way, I have taken from a blogging colleague who used it to commemorate his 2000th post. I hope he won’t mind. But for something more my style and reflecting my own personal history as well we have Peggy Seeger and Pete Seeger in concert.

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