Where are the critics of Keynes?

I put the following post up at the History of Economics list the other day because it exactly reflects a problem I am having.

I am doing some work on Keynesian economics in the period following the Global Financial Crisis. It just may be that I do not know where to look but I am having trouble finding articles of any kind criticising Keynesian models and the theory behind public sector spending and the stimulus. Can anyone help?

And as an additional query, although Mises, Hayek and Friedman are seen as “anti-Keynesian” whatever that may mean, again there seems to be a dearth of articles by them critical of Keynesian theory as it relates to public sector spending and the stimulus. So again, can anyone help?

Responses both online and offline would be greatly appreciated.

There are other economic traditions, from Austrian to Marxist, but each keeps to itself without bothering to actually criticise explicitly what they think is wrong with Keynesian analysis. And for many of the traditions, public spending in recessions is the least of their aims in changing the nature of policy based on the theories proposed. And while there have been a number of useful suggestions that have been sent to me offline as well as discussed online, there is no great cache of anti-Keynesian material anywhere that anyone has been able to unearth.

It would be one thing if the stimulus had been a no-questions-asked success, or even a mid-level so-so success, but instead it has been the most abject failure with every economy struggling to untrack from the debt and deficits the stimulus has caused. So where are the critics?

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