Proposed cover design – Free Market Economics – 2nd edition

This would be the main motif within a field of brown similar to the first edition of my Free Market Economics but perhaps shading towards the colour of the first cover design of Henry Clay’s 1916 first edition of Economics: an Introduction for the General Reader which is similar to the red in the upper half of the photo. But in the middle of the cover would be this picture, which is a waterwheel fashioned out of clay. This is taken from an ebay ad for the plaque shown which was up for sale and I have now bought and own. The picture credit goes to the original seller who I do not think will ask for very much to use his picture but if he does, I am sure that we can do something else along the same lines, although the photo you see is near perfect for me.

watermill made of clay

The actual cover design would follow along these lines from the cover shown below which is the cover of The Rediscovery of Classical Economics (Elgar 2013). A more red/brown version where this one is white is my idea. But I would like some kind of adaptation of this since the underlying themes are so similar and also because both books are being co-published with the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) as it says on this book and will say on mine.

rediscovery of classical economics

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