Law of Markets – one year today

Today is the first anniversary since I started this blog. I’m not sure I would have kept it up so long and so well except that having tried a number of other names that were already spoken for, when I finally found Law of Markets free that was that. The perfect name, none could possibly be better, for a blog written by me about what I think matters and care about most. This is also the 525th post which means an average of one and a half a day times 200 words each and we have a book of a 100,000 words.

There are no more than a dozen people whom I have ever told about this blog but it does get found while most people I have told about it never come onto the site. The reason I think I get these stray hits is because people pick up various links off some search engine which directs them here so there are a surprisingly large number of hits and some days it is perfectly astonishing. But since I don’t allow comments I have no idea who anyone is or what they make of it. Mostly, though, this is just for me.

But being the 23rd of September it is also the official birthday of our little kitten Saabina who we found in an old Saab we were about to sell. We were getting the car started by the RACV and the chap who came to start the car – who ended up buying the car – noticed this lone kitten on the floor of the passenger’s seat. I worked backwards about three weeks and from that date in the second week of October three weeks before was 23 September. A very auspicious day which I made her official birthday. It is still a puzzle to me why there was only the one kitten in the litter – whether she was abandoned by her mothers or was the first to be moved in or was the last she was going to move out. We’ll never know but she has been the most unusal little kitten and when she was lost last week it was a very very bad four days. But home she is, and a few hundred dollars of vet fees later, she is home again. But she does use up lives at a most unacceptable rate. Where we will all be a year from now on Saabina’s second birthday and Law of Markets second anniversary who can know. But here we are today.

Anyway, hi Joshi! A happy happy moment this is for me.

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