FME 2nd ed

I am very happy to report that I have received the following from the RMIT College of Business:

Research Excellence Award for Best Book by an Academic

The book is, of course, my Free Market Economics: an Introduction for the General Reader. It’s not the new Samuelson though it should be since it’s a tonne better and will teach you a lot more of what’s useful about how economies work than any of his 21-and-counting editions ever did. I wrote my book to show how useless any economics text built around a Keynesian frame of reference actually is. And as I point out, since there is nothing else like it when I thought the financial crisis would lead to a glut of such books, I really do have this terrain to myself. The sad thing, though, is that I do have this terrain to myself since no one else seems to want to invade this space. How this can be I will never understand.

But please do let me also note that I received this award on the same day I signed the contract for a second edition which I hope to have at the publisher by the middle of next year. There is some demand, at least, so there is a niche for what I have to say. Not a lot I feel I need to add or change but there will be some things. For any of you who have read the first edition – which has sold a similar number of copies as the first edition of The Wealth of Nations – if you have any suggestions about how the book might be improved or extended, please email me at this address:

And please use the subject line: FME 2nd ed. Let me thank in advance anyone who is able to help for their kind assistance.

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